Big Apple Boxing - Amir Imam vs Sergio Perez

Event Type: Boxing
Event Time: Dec 20, 2013 11:30 AM EST
Countries: Available in all countries
Venue: Resorts World Casino New York City

Queens NY

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Event Description

SMS Promotions put on a tremendous night of boxing action with some of the top prospects in the country. After the original main event fell apart due to an injury suffered by Wanzell Ellison, exciting you prospect Amir "Young Master" Imam stepped up in exciting fashion against veteran trial horse Sergio Perez. Also even though Ellison was off the card, Joel Diaz Jr still was able to see action against Tony Walker. Walker's original opponent, undefeated prospect, Luis Oliveras (6-0) was forced to pull out due to illness.

SMS showed incredible innovation by not only putting on a tremendous boxing card but incorporated a top notch concert with popular artists such as Prodigy from Mobb Deep, Tony Yayo from G-Unit and much more. Fan in attendance as well as fans watching LIVE around the WORLD on were able to enjoy the best of both worlds thanks to SMS Promotions. Here are the results from Friday night's boxing event:

Amir Imam vs Sergio Perez - 10 Rounds Jr Welterweight

Most of those in attendance accidentally blinked and missed the annihilation of Sergio Perez. Perez, normally durable only losing 2 out of 43 fights vi stoppage, could handle the "Young Master's" ruthless power. Imam started bullying the veteran Perez from the get go. Before the fight could reach the minute a right to the jaw followed by a wicked left to the body finished Perez. After Perez was sent to the canvas the referee in charge reached a 10 count ending the fight.

Your winner, via KO at the 0:52 mark of round 1 and NEW NABA Jr. Welterweight Champion, Amir Imam who smashes his way to (12-0) while Sergio Perez plummets to (28-15).

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Joel Diaz Jr vs Tony Walker - 6 Rounds Lightweight

Diaz came out in the 1st strong pushing the pace of the fight, seemingly stalking Walker around the ring. About a minute in Diaz dropped Walker with a sneaky left hook. About another minute or so in Diaz backed Walker into the corner with a right-left followed by another vicious right-left that sent Walker collapsing to the canvas. Instead of counting Walker out, he immediately waved the bout off in favor of Diaz.

Your winner, via KO at the 2:27 mark of the 1st round, Joel Diaz Jr. Diaz Jr. remains undefeated at (14-0) while Walker collapses to (5-4-2).

Ryan Martin vs Eric Goodall - 4 Rounds Lightweight

Ryan Martin made very quick work of his opponent. "Blue Chip" started off the fight in complete control of the ring. He was landing on Goodall at will and positioning his. Final he set Goodall right where he wanted him and landed a devastating right hand. Goodall instantly crumbled to the ground and didn't move forcing the ref to halt the action and the medical team to rush to his attention. After a few scary minutes Goodall made it to his feet to a round of applause by the nervous and relieved crowd.

Your winner, via KO at the 1:22 mark of the 1st round, Ryan "Blue Chip" Martin. With the win Martin ascends to (2-0) while Goodall falls to (1-3).

Emmanuel DeJesus vs Antonio Fernandez-Chaves - 6 Rounds Jr. Middleweight

In both rounds 1 & 2, the fighters seemed to be feeling each other. Neither fighter stood out that clearly. In the 4th round, DeJesus worked Fernandez into his corner and landed a straight left hand that put Fernandez out on his feet which he followed with an uppercut that finished Fernandez off. Fernandez made it to his feet before stumbling forcing the ref to wave the fight off at the 2:54 mark of the 4th round.

You winner, via TKO in the 4th round, Emmanuel DeJesus. With the win DeJesus remains undefeated at (9-0) while Fernandez drops to (4-14-2).

Thomas Snow vs Nate Green - 6 Rounds Super Bantamweight

In what is a very intriguing match up between Snow (16-1) and the undefeated prospect Nate Green. Almost immediately after reading the records I assumed Green was just cashing in his "0" for Christmas present money. Fortunately this was not the case as the rounds went on Green most definitely showed he belongs.

Early in the 1st, Snow caught Green walking into short left hand sending him to the canvas, Green jumped up right away. Green was right back in the fight making the 1st round a competitive once. Green rebounded nicely in the 2nd using his boxing abilities keeping the more experienced Snow on his toes. Snow, at times, was successful using his height advantage but Green's aggression seemed to give him the slight edge over Snow.

Green had his best round in the 4th. His speed advantage really started to show then a straight left hand from Green dropped Snow. As the 5th continued Green continued to outwork the more experienced Snow. In the the 5th Green continued to outwork Snow but Snow had some good moments. With Snow tiring quickly Green took advantage outworking Snow most of the 5th and then again in the 6th. In the 6th, Green scored his 2nd knockdown of the fight with a left-tight combo but Snow once again made it to his feet. He survived until the final bell.

After the final the judge's scorecards read 57-54 across the board, via unanimous decision, Nate "The Great One" Green. With the upset Green moves to (5-0) while Snow drops to (16-2).

Donte Strayhorn vs Sam Moura - 4 rounds Lightweight

The 1st round was a good feeling out period. Strayhorn was using his reach advantage and pressed the action. Strayhorn used his size to his advantage overwhelming Moura with a solid full body attack. Moura landed some decent shot in the 2nd but wasn't able to really effect Strayhorn. In the 3rd Moura walked right into a short left hook that dropped him to the canvas but he rose before 10. Strayhorn picked up his pace with the remainder of the 3rd but was unable to put Morua away. In the final round Strayhorn began to land at will. He then hurt Moura followed by a barrage of flush punches cause the ref to halt the action at the 1:34 mark of Round 4.

Your winner, via TKO in the 4th round, Donte Strayhorn. With the dominant victory Donte Strayhorn climbs to (4-1) while Moura drops to (0-3).